The Industry of Conservation beyond Tourism: Africa's Natural Capital

Africa Rising

Conventional wisdom holds that Africa, and particular Africa’s leading private sector players, cannot afford to...

Trade and Economic Transformation

Trading Up

Economic growth is necessary for development. The increase in the quantity of resources available to...

Supporting the African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) through Trade Policy

Climate and Energy

Africa, while a small contributor to global warming, is a region disproportionately affected by the...

Resource-based industrialisation and global value chains in Africa

Africa Rising

On Tuesday 15 December 2015, in the margin of the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference in...

Minister of Trade and Industry, Lesotho
Ambassador/PR of the Nepal to the UN, other International Organisations and the WTO in Geneva, Government of Nepal
President and Founder, New Markets Lab
Regional Director, ICT for Trade, TradeMark East Africa
Assistant Secretary General responsible for Programmes, COMESA