The in-house think tank of Saana Consulting, the Saana Institute brings together ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ to improve development outcomes, especially in trade and regional integration. The Institute seeks to generate practical development solutions by applying empirical evidence and targeted research to cutting-edge, real-world challenges.

Our operational model brings together the practical and the academic by blending research, information sharing and dialogue so that practitioners get the best available research and researchers get real lessons from the field.

  • Produce publications based both on primary research and on syntheses of other literature.
  • Create a Knowledge Hub and a Community of Practice that provides a forum for information-sharing, encourages robust debate and most importantly stimulates innovative thinking.
  • Host and contribute to information sharing meetings and dialogues about improving development outcomes, focused on the trade and regional integration agenda.
  • Provide a platform for collaboration and partnerships with other like-minded organisations from the public sector, business and civil society.

Since November 2013 the Saana Institute has organised a number of research activities and events focused on topics central to the Aid for Trade agenda, including the Bali Trade Facilitation Agreement, women’s economic empowerment, regional integration in Africa, and showcasing examples of successful trade facilitation programmes.These have included a series of seminars and private supper club dinners organised at the House of Commons together with the Trade out of Poverty All-Party Parliamentary Group; moderation of high-level panels at the International Trade Centre’s 2014 World Export Development Forum and the WTO 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade; and a series of research papers written and presented at TradeMark East Africa Symposium and Stakeholders Forum on Regional Integration, Trade, Growth and Poverty.